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We are an online publisher who has many achievements, this including e.g. one of the biggest educational websites in Poland. We are also active in the e-commerce industry. We have been operating on the Polish market since 2008. We also handle producing music in a small independent music studio. Here are our flagship projects.



We are creating one of the biggest educational portals in Poland within the scope of the exact and natural science with passion.

Here are some selected statistics for our portal:

  • The number cataloged species: over 41k
  • The number of species described: 4,5k
  • The number of families: over 1,5k
  • The number of orders: over 200
  • The number of articles: 1,9k
  • The number of tasks solved: over 800
  • The number of tests: 80
  • The number of quizzes: 100
  • 3.5 million unique users in 2020.
  • 9 million views in 2020.


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