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We are an online publisher who has many achievements, this including e.g. one of the biggest educational websites in Poland. We are also active in the e-commerce industry. We have been operating on the Polish market since 2008. We also handle producing music in a small independent music studio. Here are our flagship projects.



We are creating one of the biggest educational portals in Poland within the scope of the exact and natural science with passion.

Here are some selected statistics for our portal:

  • The number cataloged species: over 41k
  • The number of species described: 4,5k
  • The number of families: over 1,5k
  • The number of orders: over 200
  • The number of articles: 1,9k
  • The number of tasks solved: over 800
  • The number of tests: 80
  • The number of quizzes: 100
  • 3.5 million unique users in 2020.
  • 9 million views in 2020.



We run an online store offering many books, scientific gadgets, educational aids, as well as funny and colorful socks and school and stationery items.

You can already find over five hundred various items in our offer. When shopping at our small store, you also support the development of the portal.

We ensure low prices and fast order delivery via courier, parcel points and the Polish Post.



The premiere of an electronic album music inspired by greenery will happen soon.

The album includes songs varying in styles, which fans of electronic progressive music will surely find to their liking.

It just could not be otherwise - one that was having their eyes for nature had to be inspired by the world of nature in the first place. This album is the result of several years of work on nine tunes which make one - premiere - concept album.

The album's premiere is planned for the summer of 2021 on streaming platforms and on CD.

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